November 23, 2009
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Finally, I have finished with my blog design, I'm quite satisfied with it, It is simple and yet has a Cab Driver's Blog look.

As this is the first post on this blog, I should introduce myself, I guess.
My name is Muhammad, an immigrant, New Yorker for almost ten years and a cab driver. I was born in a small and remote village in Pakistan, graduated from Karachi University in Ship Technologies, in year 2000. Same year my family got immigrant visa to U.S.

We landed in new York, on July of 2000, since then I'm a new yorker. It is pretty hard to settle in new place, more harder if you don't know any one. To make ends meet I worked as construction helper, behind the counter jobs, jobs where you don't make money, but they take care of your bills and rent etc.

As you might know, in NYC almost 70% cab drivers are south Asian descend, I knew people who were driving cabs and were making decent living, biggest thing was they were also able to save few bucks, only thing that kept me back from driving cab was "I don't know my way around city".

After encouragement from people, who were driving already, I applied for FHV license, from 2005 to 2008, I drove as a chauffeur in black car company "limousine company". Until 2007, I was pretty satisfied with that, as I had plenty of time for myself, yet doing my job, making money.

Then economy started falling, the company I worked for had Lehman Brothers Account, which was one of the biggest account for us and many more companies, my company lost the account. That was just the start, even after losing Lehman brothers account, drivers were able to make their living. By the end of 2007 economy and banks started falling so fast, unimaginable, so does black car business which mainly works with those big banks. I spent whole 2008 in “ hope for the best” kind of feelings, and went in debt during this period, I was working 15-18 hours, and after paying lease for the ca , company dues, was only able to save money for the next week's gas.

Early in 2009, one of my friend from black car company, started driving yellow cab and was able to make some money, upon his referral, I took the test, and since march of 2009, I'm driving yellow cab.

Right now my plans are to work as cab driver at least for 2 years, get out of debt, save some money and start my own business in near future.

During that period, I will continue writing some stories, along the way, I might learn English, Which many customers think, I should.

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November 24, 2009  Anonymous Aamer Mirza

I am very impressed with your struggle in your life because only those people are successful in their life who struggle in their life. I am happy you are surviving after recession. You should say thanks to you friend who encourage to drive Yellow cab he must be a nice guy. And I glade to hear that you are well educated and talented person in Taxi Industry otherwise most of the people are uneducated.
I like your website design which showing your talent. I wish you will achieve your goal.

My friend and yellow comrade! Thank you for joining us in this network of NYC cabdrivers who blog about their experiences. I edited my latest post so that it includes you in the paragraph about NYC taxi blogs. I also became a "follower" of your blog on blogspot. I hope you the best of fortune and frequent postings.

Thanks! Qabista for following and giving link of my page, on your blog.

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