Reason, guys turn gays.

November 25, 2009
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Amsterdam avenue at West 92nd street, was closed due to accident.

Picked up a fare, near West 100th street and Broadway, young Hispanic couple. They were going to 187th street and wadsworth avenue, in Washington heights.

Right after guy finished telling me the destination, girl started arguing with him "I can't believe this, that was just ridiculous", at this point I got interested in the conversation, in the beginning, guy was just trying to clear his position that he was not aware of it, and that why would he will do this if she was around?

It turned out, it was his birthday, he planned to celebrate that special day with her. Unfortunately he asked his friends a good place to celebrate and they refer Ba Da Bing, which happens to be a strip club, Ta Da.

Now you get the picture, girl was accusing him doing that on purpose and considered direspect to her, guy was apologetic, that he did not know Ba Da Bing is a strip club,if he would "why would i go in there, with you?" this was his argument.

He kept asking her, why wouldn't she let it go, it was a mistake and he was sorry for that on his part. But girl was not in mood to let go of it, kept crying and blaming him, ignoring that he apologized for his part.

Then guy lost it, and started cursing her out, which started new argument of him being absuive to her all the times.

Enjoying that Spanish, English and Spanglish argument, i took West 178th street exit from Henry Hudson Pkwy. At this point guy started talking to me, "you see, this is the problem with girls" he told me and kept on saying he is looking forward for "Men friends", at least they don't hurt your feelings on your birthday. At this point he asked me if i can be his friend, and kept asking my number till we arrived at the destination, so we can start a relationship. It was a fun ride.

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