November 26, 2009
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I started working an hour late this evening and ended early, only this statement, tells that I haven't made any money.

It was raining in the evening, my back hurt for past two days, I just wanted to take a day off.but about 6:00 PM decided to go for work. Today was busiest traveling day around the nation, every highway was jammed pack with traffic.

As soon I entered into Manhattan, at E 119th street and second avenue I spotted a fare, hailing for cab, he was a construction worker, still in his work clothing.

As soon he entered he said "take me to casino", GOD traffic was so bad into the Bronx, especially Major Deegan expressway was bumper to bumper, and this fare wanted to go all the way to Yonkers, Empire City Casino to be specific.

I did not want to take him, but had no option, I asked do you want to go on flat rate?, he knew the double the meter rule and insisted to go on meter.In ideal conditions this fare would have cost him about $30.00, but as traffic was bad, it took me fucking hour and half to the destination.

"Quanto amigo?" the guy who was Mexican asked me, it was $62.80 on the meter. "WHAT, where you picked me up from?" he asked me, and I replied from the city. "No amigo, it is $30.00 always, I come here almost every two weeks" Ignoring the fucked up traffic, he said. I don't know, what I know is you have to pay me the metered fare. At this point he again said he will pay only $30.00.

I locked my doors, get away 5-6 blocks from Casino while calling 911, he said "do whatever you want to do, I'm not scared of police" but after 10 minutes agreed to pay $63.00, before police's arrival, wasted my 15-20 minutes in rush hour.

When I took fare price from him, he asked me to drop him in front of casino again, and I told him " your fare is finished" either you have to walk or get another cab, and he replied I'm in the cab, lets go, I was pissed off at this point, and told him " no I wont, because I'm not suppose to make pickups outside five boroughs, and Yonkers is not a NYC borough.
He got out, noted down my medallion number, upon which I decided to honor him as first asshole of this blog.

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