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February 19, 2010
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Usually people think fare jumpers are likely to be males, past year I had three fare jumpers, all of them were white females, kind of passengers that really doesn't raise any red flags.One of my friend who works day shift also had one fare jumper, which was again white female, so based on these personal experiences, I can say white females in their 20's are most like to run away with out paying.

Tonight, around 2:30 A.M. I dropped off one fare at Juliet Supper club in Chelsea, W21st street between west street and 10th avenue to be specific.As expected, I got another fare, a female in her late 20's or early 30's, from the spot.

"14th between 5th and 6th" she said as soon she entered into my cab.
Thinking of a short ride I asked her "14th between 5th and 6th?" which I do as routine to make sure the destination, she replied yes.

After maybe 5 minutes while I was stopped at red light on 6th avenue and 14th street, I asked her "where do you want to stop, miss?". This is where the trouble begins
"where the fuck am I?" she asked me nicely and raised first red flag.
"we are at 6th avenue and 14th street, miss, you said 14th between 5th and 6th, yeah?" I reminded her politely.
"You fucking open your ears, I said between 9th and 10th, I'm a new yorker you can't do this with me" she answered this time more politely.
Thinking in my mind, I made left on 14th from 9th, crossed three more avenues, was she busy masturbating at that point?.
"Miss, if you will swear once more, you are out of this cab" I warned her.
"Yeah ,I'm getting off and not fucking paying you" she showed her cards.

I locked my cab doors at this point, she tried to open the doors, did not work. I have Ford Escape with L shape partition, what she did next was not expected by me, she jumped in front seat to unlock the doors, from the knob on front door, It did not work either as I have pressed my side knob to lock position.

"Ok you can call the cops,I'm not paying you" she gave me another option.
"How about if I drive you to the precinct, its not far from here, miss?" I made the offer.

This point she relaxed a bit, and said if I drop her off between 9th and 10th, she will pay me. I drove her to the destination, she paid and said "I'm huge tipper, you have lost your tip".
Thank you miss, do you want your 10 cents back? I asked her as fare was $7.90.
No, you can keep it, and she was calm like nothing have happened between us moments ago.

I do admit,i make mistakes sometimes, like 18th/80th kind of mistakes,in situations like this I prefer to ask street numbers like one eight/eight zero, problem in this particular case was not that i drove her to wrong address but problem was she was not ready to listen, even it was her own mistake.
What other cabbies do in situations like that?

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they definitely dont post that the did lock the door my frnd :P

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