March 31, 2010
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I wanted to write about this yesterday but as usual overslept. I'm sitting at JFK taxi hold lot right now and writing this post using IPhone, it makes more sense as I'm going to tell news about mobile technology.
Taxi and limousine commission alongside with Sense networks has launched a new
App called CabSense yesterday, this new App will get your position from GPS on your mobile device and then show cabs using GPS data from yellow cabs GPS system, it will tell you how many cabs are available in the area using 5 stars for maximum chances to 1 star or no cab for lesser chances of available cabs.

App will also guide where to go nearby to hail cab, and upon shaking your iPhone it will also whistle for the cab -- hmm just hail me please -- anyway good App, technology on its best.

Only concern is when drivers went on strike for installing GPS into their cabs, they told TLC will monitor them and it is against constitution, TLC said it will only record pick up or drop off addresses, from this App it is clear that was not true.

Good thing for drivers is they can also browse the map to look for better chance of getting jobs, it might help us not to cruise empty for half hour or even an hour, if driver is not having good luck finding fares, Open the App and look for less competitive location instead of
trying on 6th Avenue.

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wow, now it's getting harder and harder for me to hold off that phone purchase hmm.

@NYC taxi photo I would suggest to buy Droid phone, my prediction is future is with droid, Iphone can't compete google or Nokia for that matter.
But still it is good and good for business, I'll write how can cab driver take help from smart phones.

I would like to clarify on a comment in the article. The app data is based on pick up points only. There is no route information included. Sorry for the confusion.

cabsense team

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