Taxi Scam was not as big as reported.

March 23, 2010
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Well done Taxi and Limousine commission after giving bad name to hard working New Yorkers, TLC today announced that after looking into the records taxi fare scam is not as big as it was reported earlier this week.

In simple words TLC said 36,000 of New York taxi drivers at-least pushed rate 4 onto their meters but about 3,000 did this more than hundred times, now after reviewing those 3,000 so called cheater's record TLC is telling it may be accident rather cheating on fare, as I mentioned in my earlier post.

How about TLC does its work before getting it published? What about the financial punch drivers have taken in less tips or even no tips, as many commenters were saying it on forums? What about the bad mouthed passengers who put drivers in situations like my fare always use to be $5.00 and how is it $7.00, ignoring the fucked up traffic driver had to go through?

Most agnostic thing was the reporting done on this matter by media, no news paper or channel had nerves to come and investigate this matter, come on there are 50,000 licenses taxi drivers in the town, how far did you guys had to go? one block? media was biased and failed miserably in this whole matter, not one of them have mentioned drivers view point on this and kept accusing them of cheating. This is how much respect hard working, tax paying driver have in this town of ourselves. TLC says something and everyone believes with out giving chance to the other side. Sure there were few actual riders, who do take cabs every day and appreciated the job done by city cab drivers, you can see the ironic people still smelling rat in the comments section of the latest news.

I already have made video to explain the matter, it was supposed to be public today but I couldn't finish few parts ,tomorrow I'll finish it up and post it, I just hope that who are still smelling rat can take their nose out of rat hole and see the reality.

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oops i m late writing this story, i heard it on 1010 and thought to write it but seems u read it.

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