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March 4, 2010
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Senior citizens A.K.A old people do not get into my cab that often because I have Ford Escape Hybrid and it feels like jumping onto a horse (pony at least) in trying to get in. This vehicle is high, I don't know how TLC has approved these SUV look alike cabs.

Yesterday there was multi car accident on upper level of Queens borough bridge and second avenue took the punch for traffic in the evening, I was stuck in the traffic and also couldn't find any fares, I decided to turn onto 66th street in order to get out of second avenue traffic. Viola! I spot an old guy who was walking with cane, and hailing cane for the cab, based on previous experience I thought he will refuse me.

When I stopped he did not refuse me and took his time to jump into the back of the cab, I realized he was talking on the phone with some "baby" A.K.A girlfriend. He told me to goto 86th street and York Avenue.

Third avenue had lots of traffic also, stuck in traffic I started listening his conversations. I got surprised when he asked her about "Do you watch family guy?" and I think she did not have any idea about Family Guy and then he started explaining her what Family Guy is, and she must watch it.

"It is a cartoon but not for the children, they pretty much say anything they want to about controversial things, like gays, religion and all that kind of stuff that we can't say, and get away with it." he said.

I topped myself asking him does he watch South Park? because I like South Park better, but he is for sure oldest Family Guy lover I've seen so far.

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