Day off.

February 22, 2010
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I have become very lazy since year 2010 started, I have taken three days off this week, including today.

One dilemma,which I think every one who works night shifts has in common, is not having a real day off, because when you wake up day has gone already. I wanted to prepare my taxes on all these day offs but failed miserably, I think this year I will be rushing on April 15th, end date of taxes again.

Second task that I had in my mind was to change the look of my blog and make a web2.0 layout, I'm using blogger since 2002 when blogger had HTML templates, I kind of expertise in using all those template tags to form layout, then I moved my blog to its own domain and space and started using wordpress instead of blogger for that blog/website at backend. Now when I came back to blogger again for this blog, layout are in xml, which I don't understand, so I made HTML template again for this blog but constantly thinking to learn to move it to xml layout format, as it has more advantages and build in widgets for more parts.

What I'm going to is still use HTML template, make it from scratch and then try to convert that into xml layout, which will take long time, as I have to learn xml tags first.
Today, I was checking traffic sources of my blog and found quite strange statistics, but one that caught my eye most is people are using google to get ideas online by searching terms "not paying nyc taxi and running away" and ended up in my blog, be careful fellow drivers, you have geeks looking to jump a fare.

Anyone among you have tried google buzz yet? I'm using it and find more interesting than twitter, if anyone likes to follow me on buzz they can do it here. Buzzing sound much better than tweeting,twated,tweeks etc.

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