Any Traffic laws for Cyclists?

February 25, 2010
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By driving in Manhattan, one will soon come to conclusion that city has become very bicyclist friendly, and I like this idea so much that offered my partner instead of taking subway or commuting in car to change shift, we should buy a bicycle, it is fun and also healthy activity for the rider and to the environment.

But with increasing bicycle ridership in New York City, with more and more bicycle designated lanes in the city, I feel to see riders obeying any traffic laws, except for major intersections, majority of cyclist do not stop at red lights, few of them will pause, look around and then will continue on their way.

Once I had a fare going to Leroy and Hudson street, we were going south of 7th avenue south and I had to turn right onto Leroy, this particular block has very limited street lights and is very dark on 7th avenue south, also I was driving in right most lane, still before turning as an habit I looked into side mirror, everything seemed fine, as soon I made turn a bicyclist slammed into my car, he also had audacity to tell me don't you have fucking eyes, dude I don't have eyes on back of my head but you certainly do, don't you? I lost my tip on that fare for sure.

In another incident in East village, I was coming onto a cross street and had green light, upon reaching on intersection a bicyclist who had red light, doesn't bother to stop and thanks God I was attentive and had good breaks, otherwise It could be fatal and accident would have put me on front page of Daily News, after all only cabbies do make mistakes not otherwise around.

My question is, is city going to enforce any traffic laws to the bicyclist? because numerous times I have noticed them breaking lights in presence of the police, police seems too busy to look onto cabbies mouth if he is talking or not?

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March 17, 2010  Anonymous Anonymous

Hi, I'm a cyclist in NYC...ride to work every day. Just wanted you to know that NYC cyclists are supposed to follow the same rules as cars. Stopping at lights, signaling turns, staying OFF the sidewalks! Also, by law, they are supposed to have a white front light, red back light, reflectors, brakes and a bell of some kind. I have to be honest though-I don't have a bell. Anyway, just like with drivers, there are those that ride safely and those that are reckless. Sorry you saw the latter and thanks for driving safely.

Anonymous, Yeah I knew cyclists are suppose to follow the traffic laws but I always wonder why don't NYPD bother to ticket them and why are they not following traffic laws.
Thanx for stopping by, it would be nice if you would have commented by your name.

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