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February 22, 2010
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More than seven hundred cab drivers are ticketed since the new regulations of not using any electrical device has been introduced, three weeks earlier. Be happy new yorkers and soon to be parting TLC commissioner Matthew W. Daus, he can now live happily after saving the New York and new yorkers from these savages known as New York city cab drivers.

what do i think of these new regulations? cruel, inhumane, discriminatory and un-constitutional, before you jump on me and tell me that research has shown driving while on the phone is as dangerous as driving under influence, you will need to know, what is going on in reality.

I have read number of blogs, forums and on news websites, where people are commenting in favor of these new regulations, because they are made it to believe by TLC, city and media that these regulations will apply only when a cab is hired. In that case when driver has a passenger and still on the phone, I'm in favor of this, it should be enforced strictly, and it was so since I'm in cab driving business and also it is very much against customer service.

But this is not what these new regulations are about, new regulations prevent drivers to use any kind of electrical devices which includes Cell phone, blue tooth devices, GPS, Ipod and camera, even when they are not hired. Cab drivers are suppose to find legal parking to use any mentioned device. This is what it makes discriminatory, inhumane and un-constitutional. I do believe in all kind of research work provided by TLC to be correct, but I was unable to find any reference to New York city cab drivers alone instead research says drivers not New York city cab drivers, now if city is so concerned with safety of drivers, they should make laws for all drivers not only for city cab drivers, because when you make laws only for group of people not for the people, it is called discrimination.

One of my friend got the ticket, he was standing at fire hydrant and checking cricket score, for those of you who don't know, it is legal for a cab driver to stand at any fire hydrant in NYC unless he/she does not get out of his cab. He was ticketed for not being legally parked and using phone, this is what makes these regulations cruel. I myself got pulled over because police officer suspected me being on the phone while I was talking to the passenger.

Some how TLC does not regard driver as human rather thinks of driver as robot programmed to drive people from point A to point B for 12 hours, with out talking or having any kind of emotions, if a passenger get abusive, so what?, driver is a robot, he must not act in situations like this as human. Also robots are not social animals only humans are, it is very easy for robots to work in 2 feet of space with out talking to any one for 12 hour, after all they are programmed for this task. After 12 hours shift we will send them to recharge for next day's 12 hour shift. This is what makes it inhumane, Human needs to communicate to other humans especially with their loved ones, for whom they have chosen to act like robots.

But TLC does not forget to remind drivers that it cares for them, and for driver's own safety TLC is enforcing these regulations, cell phone can distract and can make you vulnerable to accidents, Oh yeah the Taxi Tv that we have fitted right behind your head is for your shoulder massages, so you can relax, and yes the partition that prevent you hearing from passenger and you have to take your eyes off the road to listen to the passenger, is no way distracting, you know taking your eyes off on busy 5th avenue will not end up in accident, it is only the cell phone that can cause accidents. And yes if some how you fail to respond to passenger's question and do not turn your head to make his majesty happy, we most likely will charge you of being rude to the passenger, But do not use the cell phone.

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I just learned here that those no-electronic-devices rules apply to drivers who are stopped - what a pain! I just wrote a blog post about Taxi TVs. Do you agree about how annoying they are?

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