Snow Storm, New York

February 27, 2010
posted by Jahanzaib at

First time in history I was working during snow storm, and enjoyed working in storm although I had one flat tire.

Except Staten Island, I went to all other boroughs and took few photos, Iphone camera sucks for night photos but until I don't buy a real slim camera I'm stuck with it.

All above photos were taken in Brooklyn, Park slope and Coney Island area.

Sunny side,Queens

Woodside, Queens

Astoria, Queens

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omg I saw first pics n thought somebody took away ur wheel :P

yeah me too! I thought your wheel fell off.

thank you for the recommendation about the lawyer. I think, I hope I won't wind up getting a bunch of tickets. I hadn't got one ticket for 3 years until now. I called Gil, the author of the nyctaxicab almanac blog, he recommended 2 lawyers, one he says just does tlc, but one does moving violations, so I'll give him a call this week.

And also I appreciate hearing how the iphone works at night. I've thought of getting the 3gs to do video, but I worry that the quality won't be good. I think what the iphone does is automatically slow the shutter speed which makes it harder to focus.

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