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March 2, 2010
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I had the longest trip within city limits this Saturday and I'm not quite happy about that trip, because it made me feel like I was cheated on.

I picked up two young ladies in their early twenties prior to this trip, one of them was Hispanic and other one was learning Spanish, at least she knew all the bad words, which I happen to learn while working in Spanish Harlem for three years. One who was in process of learning Spanish was talking in broken Spanish "yo necesito un grande pinga", I guess just for the purpose not to let driver know, what are they talking about,she was saying it in Spanish, but mis-fortunately if you speak Spanish with me, I can get 40% meanings out of it, I dropped them off in front of Webster hall on E11th street and was told to wait for their home boy to come and pay, after about two minutes I told them "Rapido senora", and she started asking my name, "Jose" I told them, she did not believe me and kept insisting my real name upon which I pointed them to my license, I was more interested in getting money and move on in busy night than having conversation with them, which eventually happened.

As soon they got off, I saw a couple standing on sidewalk and looking towards road, I made eye contact with them and they were looking for a cab but like visitors were not hailing it. When I affirmed them with my head notion they got into my cab. The guy was in his early 50's and girl maybe in her 30's, at least she appeared to be in her thirties.

"Ok two stops, one on 14th street and third avenue subway station then we are going uptown" he told me, I started the meter. He started convincing the girl that he can drop her off on her place and she agreed on 13th street.

"Change of plan, first stop is going to be Williamsburg" he told me, I asked where in Williamsburg? N 9th street and Bedford, this time girl answered my question.
Girl was British or she might be Aussie, I love British accent especially when speaker is female, while driving I put my ears on their conversations, which were not very long, as they turned into kissing spree, like world is going to end and they don't have anytime left. I usually get little nervous in these situations as sometimes somehow people think of cab's backseat their private bedroom, and go forth for the act that is suppose to be done in bedroom in privacy. They did not go that far till we arrived at first stop, I still have to hear how a girl moans in British accent in excitement.

"Now we are going all the way up in the Bronx" he told me as girl stepped out of my cab. I live in the Bronx and I have much better Idea about Bronx than any of other outer boroughs. "Where in the Bronx?" I asked him, "Oak street" he told me. Not knowing where it is, I asked him what neighborhood is this street in?. He told me to take Bronx river parkway and he will tell me from there.

I lived in that part of the Bronx for five years, it was shame I had no clue where is Oak street, thinking it may be tiny street, I started driving. Took the BQE to RFK Bridge(A.K.A Triborough Bridge) to Bruckner Expressway into Bronx River Parkway, When I crossed the Bronx Zoo exit, I asked him what exit he wanted to take, he was asleep and did not answer. I turned on interior lights and knocked the partition, eventually he woke up and asked me "where are we?" I told him the location and he told keep on going, when I approached near 233rd street exit, which is the last exit in the Bronx, I asked him again " Do you want to take this exit?", "Next exit, after this exit" he told me. It turned me off and without showing anger I told him that will be Yonkers not Bronx and doubled the meter, failed to understand why would he lie to me about his destination?.I was more angry at myself as I lived in this area and knew Oak street in Yonkers very well, not realizing this for the whole ride made me curse myself.

I took the exit, he was not very far from the highway, On Yonkers Avenue he told me to stop by the bank, so he can get enough money to pay me, I told him he can use his debit card to pay, which he ignored. Before stopping in front of bank, I made sure there is no run away route. He got out, went to ATM machine and I kept looking while standing illegally on Yonkers Avenue in turning lane, Five minutes passed, he kept looking into his valet standing in front of ATM, at this point I thought to call 911, first he lied about his destination, did not have enough cash? to me it sounded perfect fare jumping story. But before I'd made 911 call, he started coming towards me. "I can't find my bank card" he told me, "we have to go to my apartment, to get you money" he finished. This was worst for me, without letting him know that I'm pissed right now I started driving, kept thinking to call 911, I was about 90% sure he would jump the fare.

"I have credit card" he spoke up, biggest relief for me, "you can pay by credit card" I told him, "I don't see how?" he explained. I stopped the meter and told him to follow the instructions on the touch screen. He completed the transaction and paid $10 tips, fare was around $80, Tips were good but I was more happy to secure the fare price.

So in this trip I drove through four out of five boroughs, which made this the longest trip with in city limits for myself.

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and you are still not happy about that fare?

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