Eid Mubarak

November 27, 2009
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Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day, today is Eid-al-Adha, which is religious muslim festival. it use be fun, when I was kid, it is still fun for the children, perhaps. For adults like me, it is just like a normal day.
I went to local mosque near my house to offer prayer and took these photos.

These are prayer mats or carpet, it points toward holy Kaaba in city of Makkah.

Hugging each other is a way to greet each other, which is very common in eastern cultures, and after Eid Prayer espcially hugging each other and saying Eid Mubarak is custom, One has to hug almost every one around him. And yes muslims do not hug opposite genders unless they are married to one another.

After Eid Prayer, there was a feast in the mosque.

It is called "Jalebi" pronouce as "Ja-lay-be", which is a sweet, and i love it very much.

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