April 21, 2010
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Although study suggests [PDF] lowest salary and excessive regulations are direct cause of bad drivers, but I always find more taxi cabs involved in accidents on busiest day, perhaps drivers might trying to beat the slow week in those nights.

These two drivers were trying to make their week in one night and crashed at central park south and 7th avenue intersection, on busy Friday night.

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May 02, 2010  Anonymous Anonymous

eagernes to make agood pay day is dangerus when you get caried away

I don't think your observations and those of the study you linked to contradict each other. Due to making much less money during the week, drivers try to catch up on income at busy times. Makes sense. It's sad that we can't have a better income secured. We deserve it, just as the public deserves safe service. But as long as we must scrape by, they're not going to have it. It's like the political climate in Israel, or anywhere for that matter. Jews want peace, but if they can't secure justice for Palestinians, they will not be seeing any. It's a losing battle for all sides, as long as the powerful people on top remain selfish.

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