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June 23, 2010
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Worst thing that can happen to a taxi driver on his job (criminal activity is not considered here) is someone vomit in the car, it simply means end of your work shift and cleaning up your car. It mostly happens during night shifts and to make things more worst car washes do not clean inside of your car during night, and driver ends up cleaning that mess up himself. Only once one guy threw up and cleaned up the car for me, it was so nice of him.

But what happened on past weekend has no match, it is undoubtedly a winner. Someone just decided to use back seat of car as their toilet and had a piss in my car, I suspect it was my last job during that night and hence can tell it was a girl picked up from meat packing district and went to columbia university on upper westside. When I go to filling station, I check my backseat to make sure no one has left any thing behind. and What I saw was so gross, backseat was wet and there was pool of piss onto the floor.

Girl why couldn't you just ask me to stop for you, many many times people have asked for the same reason and believe me most cab drivers wont have any problem stopping instead having their backseat turned into toilet.

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Wow -- That's BAD! I hope that never happens to me... I've had many drunks loose it in City7100 and even a girl/lady having a baby... but nothing that gross!

Thanks for sharing!

I will do my best NOT to remember this, next time i take a taxi!

July 27, 2010  Anonymous Anonymous

please write more often.

I drive in Nashville, Tennessee.
Here's my story:
Thanks. Great blog.

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