Camel Jockey

June 12, 2010
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Yesterday I picked up four ladies from Time Square and they were heading to SOB's on Varick Street. Times Square is becoming more and more hassle for cab drivers as one lane is closed for construction and one lane is almost always blocked with NYPD's vehicles, while we were stuck there, girl sitting on front passenger's seat started interviewing me.

They were visiting from Nashville and it was their first day in New York, she questioned me where am I from? I told her I'm from Pakistan, then she asked "Do they have cabs in Pakistan?" and I replied jokingly " No, we use camels there", but she took is seriously and proceeded to ask "What do they feed camels with?" I started laughing.

But the winning question came afterwards when she again asked me what do people pet in Pakistan and I said Pets, she asked "do you have Buffalos In Pakistan?" with following question "Do they eat buffalos?" and the best question was "do they make ham burger with buffalo's meat?

But they had the best and sexiest accent for sure.


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That`s how i imagine the average US-american from the mid-west...

Paul (cabbie from Berlin)

Well what did you expect! They live in the US and are seeing NY for the first time. How would they know about the rest of the world

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