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April 30, 2010
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GPS data as collected by TLC should have been beneficiary for the drivers, especially when they are the ones who actually are paying for GPS devices installed into NYC medallion cabs hence they must gain some benefits from this technology.

I was pretty sure or at least I was assuming we the drivers have few benefits with this technology, for example number of times when passenger complained about the fare price, I handed them their receipts and told to call 3-1-1 in order to place a complaint, by doing so I was assuming that GPS should have recorded the pick up time and address, route taken to destination and drop off timing and address and in case of him/her calling to file a complaint, TLC will look into that data.

Once I had an incident, I picked up a guy and girl from E 97th street, it was my first trip on Sunday evening and he told me to go to 116th street and St. Nicholas avenue. I took right onto E 97th street then followed by another right onto third avenue, upon reaching at E 116th street and 3rd avenue intersection he told me to stop there, I stopped the meter he paid by credit card, and ride was over fine, nothing happened. Next day my day partner started calling me about 11 a.m, I was asleep and I sleep like semi dead person kind of way, after many tries he called my home and have someone to wake me up. Finally when I spoke to him, he told me our meter has been locked and I have to call our management in order to unlock the meter, when I called the management I was told that I dropped off one passenger at 116th street and St.Nicholas ave on Sunday evening at 5:28 P.M and when the passenger was taking his stuff out from the trunk I drove off with his luggage inside and with open trunk, first I told her that I have Ford Escape, I really can't drive with my trunk open knowingly then I asked her time and day again, upon realizing incident happened just day before, I recalled the jobs and told her it never did happen and she asked me then why did the passenger call? "I don't know, what I know is I did not go to St. Nicholas Avenue yesterday, did you check my record from the GPS?" I asked her, when she checked the record I was right, our meter got unlocked. What I guess is happened the guy I dropped off on third avenue, after shopping took another cab to his destination, this incident might have happened but with another cab, not with me, but when that passenger pulled up the receipt he pulled the one I gave him earlier that day. This incident increased my faith in GPS and made me less worried of backseat bitting.

But this is not the case, GPS apparently records only pickup time/drop off time and relative addresses only, it means passenger can take you to the court and tell the judge that you have taken him to Manhattan, took two bridges from JFK to drop the passenger in Brooklyn, and you have to prove that it did not happen that way. Good luck fellow drivers.

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