Con error.

November 29, 2009
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Ever since our meter is upgraded to add $0.50, additional surcharge for bailing out MTA, I'm getting this weird error, which says Con upon trying to load a fare, I think it is abbreviation of Connection. Workaround is, wait for few seconds, when Con disappears, try putting meter in hire again.
But today, I picked up a passenger, tried four good blocks to put meter on hire, but each time this stupid error message kept coming up, I told the passenger about the situation, offered him to either get another cab, or go on flat rate, which he usually pays to the destination, he prefer hiring cab behind me, I rebooted the system, every thing was good again.
It was very slow week, as i expected, I took almost two days off, for the Eid plus every one seems on vacations anyway for the thanksgiving weekend.
Nothing special happened tonight, except a stupid guy I picked up, he read my name and tried to have conversation in Arabic, I did not pay attention, then he called me in English, I replied and he was like "I was talking to you in Arabic, why don't you reply?" I said, I don't speak Arabic, "then why is your name Muhammad?" because I'm a muslim. I did not want conversation to go beyond this point, but he kept asking, where I'm from and I told him, Bronx,"I mean ethnicity" he asked again, just to end the conversation i told him central asia, he kept going on stupidity and said "wait, wait your name is Muhammad and you are from central asia?" I just wanted to bang his head at this point, but stayed calm and replied, "there are more than 15 muslim majority countries in central asia, why is it impossible?" he kept me busy with these kind of silly questions until I dropped him off, he was Egyptian as he claimed, I wonder why doesn't he know Arabs are only 15% of muslim population. Pakistan and India togather have more muslim population than of all Arab countries together.

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YES! this con error! why ever since the MTA surcharge have our meters had this problem? I hope the TLC knows about this and will do something to address the situation.

Did you have the problem again that day? The garage tells me to reboot the whole thing, by parking turning the car off opening the hood and taking the fuse out, then after five minutes putting it back in and starting the car up and signing in again, it takes a bunch of time and not even sure it'll fix anything. I know another cab driver who's had problems with the car they give him two days straight and both times he came back to the garage and asked for a different car.

I'm having this problem, since we upgraded the meter., but it was first time when it was not going away, I did the same thing, stop the car, and hard reboot.
TLC must know this, worst thing is, some times when it comes, some drivers don't wait, and press the button twice, meter then goes to rate 2.

it keep coming when u dont sign in n want to take a passenger after taking a break u have to sign in first n then r able to hire the meter or it will keep givin u con error.

I can't stand ignorant people like that. If a central or south Asian can't be named Muhammad and not be Arab or speak Arabic, then an American can't be called Joseph or Moses and not speak Hebrew. A Latin American can't be called Jesus and not speak Aramaic. People are so lost and confused about each other. It's so sad.

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