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December 2, 2009
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Cab drivers, sometimes, do a guide's work, I also love doing this. Many tourists asked me, if it is safe to go out in certain neighborhood at night, and my answer is always New York City is safest city in the nation, as surveys suggest for many years now.

I picked up a fare, from JFK airport going to Chelsea. She sat in front passenger seat and we had nice chat during our way to chelsea. She was from Germany, visiting her friend here in New York City for the first time.When I took LIE from Grand Central Parkway, she saw red brick buildings and said oh these red brick buildings are dangerous, I asked her what makes her think that?, "I saw it in movies" she replied. I told her, this is not the case as I myself lived in one of these red brick building for five years, and that they are affordable housing for many New Yorkers, and these buildings are every where in NYC.

I dropped her off, she asked for my number for future travel in NYC, I told there are many Cabs available all the time, she can just hail anyone, as I always tell passengers upon asking my number.

Later that night, I was talking to my friend and told him how media can manipulate people's thinking and told him the story, he said " didn't you tell her, you have seen spiderman swinging around Empire State Building in movies"

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