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August 7, 2010
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Does anyone else have observed increasing fare jumping incidents? Last year I had three fare jumpers, but this week alone I had four of them, will write briefly later about all of them. Oh God why me? Two of them were class acts and two old fashioned(open the door and run away).

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August 15, 2010  Anonymous Anonymous

Yes. You have to really watch out for them. I think that's why some cabbies won't pick up teens or thug looking persons. LOL.

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August 28, 2010  Anonymous Anonymous

Hi from Rome Italy : i like to see your blog.
In Italy now is full of ny's tourists.
Any time,before taking cab (here white),they ask "How much" .
We have meter ,but don't like . Prefer to pay a fix price .
I want to know if this request is usually in ny .
Meet to next time.


REMO ,taxi driver since 1984

You think that's the reason "some cabbies" don't pick up thug looking kids. How sickening. I wonder how many thug looking teens (code word for black) that Muslim cab driver passed over before he got stabbed by that white all American guy. It's so sick. You expect people to accept you, but you violate the rights of black people on a daily basis and yet have the nerve to have a press conference to talk about how wrong it is to be bias when Muslim taxi drivers are some of the most racist towards blacks. You don't have anybody fool. The attack was wrong. Don't expect me to have any sympathy though. You bunch of racist hypocrites!!!

@Kevin keep it calm dude, you just have assumed many things which are not true at all. All four jumpers were white and I know as a cab driver how hard is to get a fare, black/white/brown whoever hails a cab every available cab jump and try to get that fare regardless of color or race. You seems like a racist that is why you cant see.
I have never refused anyone but certainly after doing some jobs I regret doing those jobs and most of them were blacks. Also I had incidents twice when I was hired already and while I was stopped at red light black fellas came and asked me if I can take them while I was loaded, and with out listening to me that I have passengers they put on this shit "O because I'm black you not taking me" no dude because you are an idiot who can not see that cab is already hired that is why I'm not taking you. Dont put your Black rant here please, I hate racists and you seems like one of above mentioned guys, next time try hailing available cab not a hired cab.

You regret doing does jobs and most of them were black huh. Well all the 9-11 terrorist were Muslims. Should Americans regret having Muslims in their country? You racist pig. I'm not the racist here. It seems that if that guy that attacked the Muslim was black, it would have been your reason not to stop for black people. Since it was a white guy, then silence. You will continue to stop for white guys over blacks even if they were slashing you every day. I'm so tired of you racist assholes always using the black civil rights movement when you don't even like black. I don't take taxi's because I don't spend my money on racist. If you think you are doing me a favor by stopping go to hell. It's the f&&@ law. I have a camera and I know about refusal laws. The people who are defending you and your hate for blacks are the white supremacist and the kkk. Go to them and have them help you with your ground zero Islamic center. You've made your bed. Now go lay in it... Stop running to Al sharpton for help. We are not as stupid as you think.

@Kevin, A racist person puts his head in between his buttocks, so it is useless to argue with them and unfortunately your words prove that you are one racist bastard.
Just as a reminder this specific post was neither about muslims nor about blacks or neither even about 9-11. Let me quote words of Chris Rock to make you understand, I have no problem with blacks but I hate niggers, you are proving that you belong to later kind.
You are such a bastard that you don't take cabs yet you are commenting here as pro on how cab drivers rather "Muslim Cab drivers" don't pick up blacks, all your fucked up illusions , how the hell on earth you know, who is muslim and who is not? If you ever tried to educate yourself about muslims, first thing that would have occurred to you is that fact that most muslims are blacks in U.S.
Believe me Kevin you are way more stupidest I ever thought of you, and what do you mean by "We", are you fucking 5 in a pack? Just talk about yourself alone, you DO NOT represent most blacks but fuckers like yourself definitely get other blacks bad names.

Oh BTW my best customer last night also happen to be Black.

Far Jumpers . oooh lala ... very posh we just call them "Runners"

Interesting title. We call them runners.

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