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November 22, 2010
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What if at start of ride someone walks up to you, and tells you that they don't have money for the ride but at the end of fare they will bring up the money from his/her house/apartment, will you pick up that fare?

This past weekend I dropped off someone on West 46th street, street was jam packed with cabs due to Hudson terrace and Pacha as I expected, one girl was talking to the cab driver for about five minutes three cabs ahead of my cab , and then cab left with out picking her up to the next fare, same happened with all three drivers ahead of me, they talked to the girl and then drove off with out picking her up.

On weekends in busy hours, usually drivers tend to avoid fares going outside Manhattan as their business strategy to earn more money, while waiting for my turn I was thinking, she might be going to some outer borough and I was ready to pick her up regardless of the destination. As I approached her she came to driver's side door and told me she is going to West 26th street, but did not have any money or credit card on her and would bring money from her apartment. I picked her up and she was very thankful to me, at the destination which was about 23 blocks, a short ride, she brought me $20.

I have done the same thing numerous times, and I can tell every person who told me at start of ride that he/she don't have money and will bring money at destination had always returned and left good tips, the person who's intention is jumping the fare will never approach driver in this manner, instead all four fare jumpers I had this year, they acted bossy through out the ride.

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If they have an ID - and the ID matches the address of where we are going. And, it is VALID (not expired), and appears to be legit. And, they don't mind me holding it until we're settled.
Or if they will wait in the car while the money is brought out to them.
Or if they seem willing to be cooperative and it's not too far; I might take them.
I've been burned too many times for huge amounts to just take them.
And you are right. It's the bossy, "...just drive, man", people that more likely to try not to pay.
Also, if they start talking about God, and church, LOOK OUT!

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