November 6, 2010
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Subject: A couple in their mid 20's hailing for cab at W 60th street and Broadway going south, for those who don't know New York city very well, it is well known landmark in NYC known as Columbus Circle.

Object: They want to go to Penn. Station.

Route taken: Pretty simple and straight route, from Columbus Circle either take Broadway south or much better option is going on Central Park south to 7th avenue south, Penn. Station is at 7th avenue between 33rd and 31st streets, Central park South is 59th street, In case you don't know about it.

Hurdle: Times Square which is almost middle of the route, but mostly not a trouble at 11:00 P.M in the night.

Stupidity: At W46th street, not have stopped at any red light yet driver heard Passenger asking why is he going through Times Square? "Where I have picked you up, this is the shortest way to Penn. Station" driver explained. "since you have taken fucking scenic route, we are getting off right here" he was perhaps too intoxicated to take driver's word.

Result: get your money and never argue with stupid people, they will learn themselves by paying more.

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yeah, I had a passenger explain to me this whole scenario once too. telling me how bad cabbies were. I tried to explain to him that it depends where you picked up the cab and where you were going. i tried telling him that it was the most direct route, but he didn't understand, he was drunk too. from pittsburgh.

I don't know why but many people thinks that cabbie is trying to make money out of them, last night Lincoln Tunnel was backed up, I dropped off one passenger at W43rd and 11th avenue, upon turning left was one passenger hailed me and was going 19th street/9th avenue, I explained him tunnel is backed up, going on 42nd street towards 9th avenue will be lot of hassle as 42nd street/9th avenue intersection will eat up most of the time, instead we better take 11th avenue south, he was reluctant and we sat at that intersection for good 10 minutes.

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