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March 27, 2011
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Here I come again, I went to Pakistan on vacations, got married, this blog was dead even before I left for Pakistan but I hope it will have continuity in posting from now onwards.

Just to give blog new start, I have taken few photos during my shift, also have to reply to few emails.


This is United Methodist Church of the village on West 13th street and 7th Avenue, Great architecture

Tourists captured

Few tourists were taking photos at W 72nd street and Central Park West, I captured them in my Iphone camera

Pedi Cab

These pedi Cabs were parked in whole block on W 56th street between Broadway and 7th Avenue, by the way they are not cheap at all, my friend and his wife take one of them from Radio city hall to Time Square and it was $35.00 ride, I wish we could have that kind of fares

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Glad your back, and congratulations! I too hope I can continue with my blog, but life takes priority.

Hey thank you so much and yeah life does take priority.

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